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What We Aim for the Company, People and Consumer.


The Filipino people’s irresistible attraction for things sweet is very well known. On a daily basis throngs flock to supermarkets, mom and pop go to grocery stores and sari-sari stores to scoop up their favorite chocolates, candies, gums, lollipops, snack foods and beverages. While demanding quality and good taste, consumers also seek reasonably priced, affordable products.

It is in this precise regard that Columbia International Food Products, Inc.’s line of confections appeal to both the Filipino palate and, wallet. The company’s varied product line effortlessly caters to the whole family- from children to teenagers, and young adults to adults. These consumers come from all walks of life, from students at all educational levels to working individuals and homemakers.

Columbia’s world-class quality of products renders it ideal gifts for pasalubongs (welcome back gifts). Being in the market for over 73 years and remaining wholly family-owned throughout, the company has managed to maintain its high level of product quality and solid commitment to the community- so much that several generations have been raised on Columbia’s confections because of consistent quality and proper pricing.

Our commitment to producing finest products at a price affordable to Filipinos translates to consumers’ continued patronage. Indeed, Columbia’s products make daily life much more enjoyable for millions of Filipinos. Insofar as the future is concerned, our innovative and creative marketing strategies, as well as its continuing product research and development here and abroad, are certain to ensure that the Filipinos will stay loyal to the brands for generations to come.



Based on consumer feedbacks, we are perceived to be a manufacturer of quality and affordable consumer products in the market. Consistently producing world-class treats that meet the taste of Filipinos has helped create that market attraction to Columbia products. Whenever they see the Columbia red and white logo, and image they associate with delicious sweets and family favorites, consumers are assured they are buying the right product. After more than 73 years in the market, people have come to recognize us as a manufacturer of quality treats that instantly become family favorites.


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