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Our History

Our Story and How We Started.

Columbia was established in 1937, founded by Don Go Peng Kuan. The founder himself personally produced candies and sold them in different parts of the country. From such inauspicious beginnings, Filipinos soon developed love for our quality sweets, resulting in the company’s steady growth. Today, Columbia is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and applies international manufacturing processes using advanced formulations acquired from all over the world. Under the stewardship of its President, the company is now recognized a key player in the market, producing world-class confections, snacks and beverages.

Consumers are our main inspiration for the continuous innovation and product development. It has always been part of Columbia International Food Products’ mission to provide world-class quality treats to the market. This is done in the hopes of uplifting the lifestyle of the Filipinos, and elevating their quality standards to global levels. Our President constantly upgrades the manufacturing processes and invests in production equipment and technology. He continuously works hard to anticipate consumers’ confectionery needs and achieve the quality that they have come to expect. Following the founder’s lead, the President takes a very hands-on approach to all the aspects of the confectionery business. He is on top of the production process and its quality assurance, as well as sales and marketing strategies for each brand.

The main factor that makes Columbia consistently strong is our desire for innovation. Columbia places a substantial amount of effort into extensive international product research and development, meticulously creating new treats of world-class quality at affordable prices. The company’s president himself travels around the world to find the best ingredients and the tastiest treats. It is this continuously innovative spirit that has pushed the company to expand and upgrade its production plant on almost a yearly basis.

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